Types of Soldering Fluid
What soldering fluid is best suited for my application?  A preliminary selection is made according to the type of soldering fluid.  A distinction is made according to the basic substances, also determining important properties.  The following three types of soldering fluid are available:
1. Zinc chloride soldering fluids are aqueous solutions of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride with free hydrochloric acid.  For decades these were the standard.  They are characterised by simple handling and are very effective even under difficult conditions.  A disadvantage is that the soldering points have to be washed at great expense to clean them of soldering fluid residue, as otherwise pitting would develop.  Usually the washing water then also has to be treated at great expense.
Their applications are radiator soldering, strip tin-plating and tin-plating of mass-produced parts.
2. Zinc bromide soldering fluids are aqueous solutions of zinc bromide and ammonium bromide with free hydrobromic acid.  They are simple to handle and similar to zinc chloride soldering fluids in their effect.  Residue can stay on the soldering points without causing pitting.  If necessary, the residue is easy to wash off with water.
Their primary application is radiator soldering.
3. Heavy-metal-free ammonium bromide soldering fluids (ZNC soldering fluids) are aqueous solutions of organic ammonium bromides with free hydrobromic acid.  These have the advantage of leaving no residue under ideal conditions.  If any residue should remain, it does not cause pitting.  This makes cleaning the soldering points unnecessary, which results in substantial savings in washing water.
To obtain reliable soldering, the soldering conditions have to be complied with very exactly.  Due to the decomposition reaction, fumes are formed that make an exhaust system necessary.
Their most common applications are radiator soldering and strip tin-plating.
All types of soldering fluids are basically recyclable.
It goes without saying that, regardless of the type of soldering fluid, we adapt the soldering fluids to the requirements of your soldering processes.
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