Soldering fluids have the job of corroding the surface of metals.  To do this, they contain acids.  These acids will also attack the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
Safe handling of soldering fluids can be achieved with simple measures.
Always read the Safety Data Sheet - it lists all the information important for safe handling.
When dealing with soldering fluid directly, gloves and protective eyewear should be worn as a general rule.  It is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke while working.  Only the amount of soldering fluid required should be open and available at the workplace.
It is frequently the case that small amounts (less than one litre) of soldering fluid are needed, but no reagent bottle is at hand to fill this in.  In such cases, the only thing to do is go to your chemist and buy a reagent bottle.
Basic rule:  Only fill soldering fluid in labelled reagent bottles!
The worst mistake is to fill soldering fluid into a beverage bottle in haste to save time and money.  The special shape of beverage bottles makes them conspicuous, signalling that the content is a drink.  A thirsty workmate then grabs the bottle, drinks a swallow and is instantly at risk of dying.  Most such drinking is followed by vomiting.  The mouth, oesophagus and stomach are then instantly caustically burned, and in the most unfortunate cases, the soldering fluid also gets into the sensitive lung, which is then also caustically burned.
Drinking chemicals that have been filled in beverage bottles are the most frequent cases of poisoning!!!
Prevent these mistakes.  Ask us if you need any additional reagent bottles with hazardous substance labels for your internal use.
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